Elephant Hill Winery, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Elephant Hill Winery, 86 Clifton Road, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

September 10 2017

Ceremony - 3pm

Reception - 5pm

Where to Stay

There are many places to stay around the wedding venue. Havelock North is quite nice, it has a small village feel.

Napier has most of the art deco buildings and has some art deco themed motels as well.

There isn't very much to do in Hastings.

Don't forget about AirBnB, but there are also a variety of motels

Please note that you may want to hire a vehicle if you are flying down. There is very limited public transport.

What to do

You could do a wine tour, climb Te Mata Peak, visit the Arataki honey centre or the silkyoaks chocolate shop.

There are also extensive biking trails and places to rent bicycles.